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From April - July, over 20 introductory webinars were presented, to familiarize users to MARMS.

You may view a recording of one such webinar here.


MARMS User Guide

Requesting Access to the EPRM Unclassified Training Site

  • In order to facilitate user familiarization and training, an unclassified training site has been established.
  • The training site shall exclusively contain notional data.  Users shall not use the site for any real assessments.
  • Periodically, the training site may be purged of data when system upgrades or space limitations dictate.  Service/CCMD/Agency MA leads will be notified well in advance of any changes.
  • To gain access to the Training site, please email eprmhelp@alionscience.com with this required information:
  1. Name
  2. Title / Rank
  3. Phone Number (NOT DSN)
  4. Service or Component
  5. Major Command
  6. Installation / Base / Fort
  7. Unit
  8. NIPR E-Mail
  9. Training Type: "MARMS Training Site"
  • Once confirmation of account creation is received along with a temporary password, users can go to http://demo.countermeasures.com  and access the training site by clicking on the button that is labeled with the current EPRM version, e.g., "EPRM 2.6 Training".

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