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Welcome to the Acquisition Security Module (ASM)

NOTE:  When requesting a login, you will be added to ASM Demo account.  SIPR accounts go through an approval process and may take longer.

The Acquisition Security Module (ASM) is ready for users to input their Program Protection Plans (PPP) and Supply Chain Risk Management surveys. Users can now use the ASM Workbench to accomplish these tasks.

GOOD TO KNOW:  You can start this process on the NIPR side by downloading the questions and gathering information.  This way, when you add on the SIPR side, much of the work is completed.

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Get a login
  2. Watch the Videos
    1. Senior Leaders Video
    2. An Overview for End Users
  3. Add your Program to the ASM Workbench
    1. Step by Step Guide to add your program
  4. Add your Program Protection Plan (PPP), SCRM and other Surveys
    1. NIPR TO SIPR process for Adding Surveys
    2. Step by Step Guide to add PPP, SCRM and other Surveys (SIPR only process)
  5. Run Reports and Analysis
    1. ASM User Guide, Chapter 11: Reports
    2. Reports and Analysis Job Aid
  6. Visit the ASM Training Resources page as needed for further instruction.


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